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Can't find something?

Add any item from your favourite store and we'll pick it up for you!

We are constantly adding more products to our catalogue; it could be anything from a special cut of meat, or a specific brand of dishwashing detergent. 

Here is a quick guide on how to add products manually, and how to pay for the additional items:

  1. Go to our cart page by clicking on checkout from the cart menu.
  2. In the notes section on the page, include your preference for the brand, store (e.g. Loblaws), size, organic, etc. Be as specific as possible - your shopper may call with questions.
  3. Paying for the items: Once the order is delivered with the extra items, we will add the cost of those items to your cart and notify you of the charge. You can always email us at care@urbery.com if you have any questions of the new charges on your order.

Happy shopping



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