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Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Urbery?
Urbery (“Urban” + “Grocery”) is an on-demand shopping service for groceries and alcohol. After you go to our website and order what you want, choosing a one-hour delivery slot from those available (as little as two hours later), your Grocery Guru (personal shopper) shops at your favourite stores and brings your order right to your door. They shop the way you would, getting the quality you could get yourself, and go above and beyond to fulfill our Freshness Guarantee.

+ How do I use Urbery?
Set up a free account on our website. Give us your name, delivery address with postal code, cellphone number (that’s how our Grocery Guru stays in touch with you while shopping for your order), and email address (that’s how we stay in touch with you otherwise). Select the items you want from our catalogue. For anything that’s not listed there, at checkout just write in the Notes area what else you would like, as we will get you anything in the store – we shop at full-service supermarkets (Loblaws, Sobeys, Metro), the LCBO, and The Beer Store. (If you add items, we’ll email you a supplementary invoice later, with those additional items marked up 15-20%; alcoholic items are not marked up.) When you’re checking out, select an available delivery window (on the same day or a later day) that’s convenient for you – our delivery windows are just one hour long so you won’t have to hang around a long time. Your Grocery Guru will start shopping for your order shortly before the delivery window, and will then bring everything right to your door.

+ What stores do you shop at?
We normally send your Grocery Guru to a Loblaws, Sobeys, or Metro full-service supermarket for non-alcohol items, and to the LCBO and The Beer Store for alcohol items. On request we will also shop at Whole Foods, Fiesta Farms, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Rexall. At checkout there is a notes area where you can specify store preference, products, brands, and any other guidance for our shopping. We're happy to send Gurus to specific stores, and to shop for the specific items that you request. (Please note that we cannot pick up prescriptions.)

+ I can’t find something in your catalogue. Can you still get it for me?
Yes! If the store has it, we can get it for you. At checkout there is an area for special instructions, where you can list the items you want that aren’t already in your order, and your Guru will try to find these items. Later we’ll email you an invoice for the additional items that we bought for you, marked up 15-20% except that we don’t mark up alcoholic items, and you pay it online with a credit card or PayPal.

+ Can I order based on one of my past orders?

Yes. Log in, then at top right click (or tap) your name, then My Orders. Click any order number to view the order. If you then click the Reorder button, all the items in the order will be added to your cart. Then adjust your cart as you like before checking out.

+ Am I in your delivery area?

We deliver in central Toronto, roughly from High Park in the west to Victoria Park in the east, and from just above Eglinton in the north to the lake shore in the south (see map below). Our exact delivery area is postal codes that start with:
M6A1S5 M6C M6E M6G M6H M6J M6K M6P M6R
If you have any questions about our delivery area, please email our Customer Care team at care@urbery.com.

+ I’m outside your delivery area, but want to use your service. Can you make an exception and deliver to my address?
If you live just outside our delivery area, we may still be able to serve you; please email us at care@urbery.com with your street address and we'll get back to you. In this case please note that we may not be able to arrive within the 1-hour delivery window that you select when checking out, and may arrive a bit later.

+ Do you deliver alcohol?

Yes! Urbery holds a Liquor Delivery Licence from AGCO, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. This permits us to deliver alcohol to residential addresses to people of legal drinking age. Our Grocery Gurus who deliver alcohol are Smart Serve holders and have completed the Responsible Alcohol Beverage Service Training Program.

To order alcohol through Urbery, you must be of legal drinking age, and you must accept delivery in person. At the time of delivery you must show a valid government issued ID to the Grocery Guru to verify your age. We accept a government-issued Photo ID (BYID). The Grocery Guru will not deliver you the alcohol if you are unable to comply with these rules.

Once the order is delivered to a person of legal age, who shows a valid form of ID and agrees to the terms of use, it’s that person’s responsibility to not share the alcohol order with people who are underage.

Please ensure that you have your government-issued photo ID ready for age verification at delivery.

+ When can I order?
You can order from Urbery anytime! Deliveries are available from 11AM to 10PM almost every day: check out the available delivery slots.

+ Who is doing the shopping for my order?
Before a Grocery Guru begins shopping for any of our customers, we vet them with a comprehensive background check … and make sure that they can pick produce properly, which only some people can! We ensure they are trustworthy, reliable and detail oriented, and able to go above and beyond to fulfill our Freshness Guarantee.

+ How do you handle item substitutions?
During the shopping trip, if something is not available, your Grocery Guru will get in touch with you to ask whether a substitute is OK.

+ How quickly will I receive my order?
We can often deliver your groceries to your doorstep within two hours of your placing your order. You can see today’s available delivery slots here, or for all days on the cart page here if you have at least one item in your cart. If you have a question about the available delivery times before you submit your order, please email our Customer Care team at care@urbery.com.

+ Do I have to be present to accept my order?

Normally, yes. If you have placed an order but will be unable to be present during the delivery slot you chose, please email our Customer Care team at care@urbery.com to move your order to another time.

If your Grocery Guru is attempting to deliver but no one is home, s/he will attempt to contact you at the phone number you’ve given us. We may be able to drop off your order with a concierge if you have one, or at your door. If your order includes alcohol, however, we cannot leave it with anyone other than you.

+ What is the status of my order?

We automatically send you an email confirmation immediately upon receiving your order, and we automatically send you a text message when the Grocery Guru begins shopping for your order. The text message contains a way for you to communicate directly with your Grocery Guru while shopping is underway.

At all times please feel free to email our Customer Care team at care@urbery.com with any questions or concerns.

+ I’ve just placed an order. Can you delay my order to a different delivery time than the one I selected at checkout?
We cannot guarantee that all delivery times can be changed but we do our best to accommodate all requests. Please email our Customer Care team at care@urbery.com who can look at the schedules of our Grocery Gurus to provide you with other available delivery times.

+ Can I make changes to an order I’ve already placed?

Yes. If you haven’t yet received the text message that a Grocery Guru has started shopping for your order, email our Customer Care team at care@urbery.com. If you have received the text message, it gives you the option to communicate directly with your Guru about changes.

If the changes increase the price of your order, we will email you an invoice for the extra after your delivery has been completed, likely by the following day. Please pay it promptly. (We may be unable to take a new order from you while there is an unpaid invoice.)

If the changes reduce the price of your order, we will issue a refund to your credit card or PayPal account after your delivery has been completed, likely by the following day.

+ Can I cancel my order?
An order can be cancelled without charge up to 2 hours before the beginning of its delivery slot, or even later than that if shopping for your order has not yet started, and your payment will become a credit toward your next order. If you cancel less than 30 minutes before the scheduled delivery slot, we will credit the value of your order to your account and charge a $19.99 late cancellation fee. In case of an emergency, please email our Customer Care team at care@urbery.com.

+ Are your prices different from the prices in grocery stores?
Our prices are around 15% higher than in the store, or for items that you request that aren’t in our catalogue, 15-20%. If you buy a loaf of Wonder Bread White+Fibre you might pay $3.39 in the store or $3.99 via Urbery. Our customers are willing to pay the small increase for the time gained and the inconvenience lost.

+ Do you charge for delivery?

Not unless your order is a small one, or includes alcohol (for which we are required to charge for delivery).

  • Orders $65 and up (before tax): Free
  • Orders $40 to $64.99: $5.99
  • Orders under $40: $9.99
  • Orders that include alcohol: $10.00

+ What happens if I forget to pay the alcohol delivery fee?
All orders that include alcohol have a mandatory delivery fee of $10. (We are required by the government to charge a delivery fee.) If you forget to pay this delivery fee when placing your order, we’ll remind you by email.

+ I’m buying a gift card, and it’s asking me to choose a delivery time.
The gift “card” is electronic and there is nothing to deliver, but our system does ask for a delivery time for every order. Choose any time, and we will ignore it.

+ What if there’s something wrong (including freshness) with what was delivered to me?
If something is missing from your order, or something is past its expiry date, or an egg is broken (etc.), or something isn’t fresh, please email our Customer Care team at care@urbery.com. If possible we’ll send a Grocery Guru to replace the item, either immediately or at another time convenient for you. If not, we’ll issue you a refund.

+ Do you offer discounts and promotions?
Yes! We have specials and promotions.

+ Do you accept store coupons?
No. We do however offer our customers discounts and promo codes through email and our social media accounts.

+ How do I pay for my order?
You pay for your order when you check out. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. We accept VISA Debit (including Virtual Visa): please choose PayPal at checkout (you do not need a PayPal account). We send your payment information to our payment processor and do not retain it afterward; we take security and privacy very seriously. You will receive a receipt for your order by email immediately after payment.

+ Why do I have to enter my credit-card information on every order?
To best protect your credit-card information, after we’ve sent it to our payment processor we don’t keep a copy of it. However, there is a way to avoid having to enter this information: use PayPal. PayPal stores your information safely so you don't have to re-enter it every time, and there is no fee to you for this service. You can find out more about PayPal and get an account here: PayPal.ca.

+ What if I don't want to give you my credit-card information?
We're sorry but we will only shop for customers if the items have already been paid for online, as otherwise we would risk buying things and not getting paid back later. But you don't have to trust us with your credit-card information, as we do accept payment by PayPal. With PayPal, you trust them and only them with your credit-card information, or if you prefer you can send them money from a bank account that they then keep on your behalf. During checkout at Urbery.com, if you select PayPal as your payment method, a window will pop up in your browser which is connected to PayPal.com, where you log in to your PayPal account and they ask you whether you authorize the payment to Urbery. If you say yes, they charge your credit card (your credit-card statement will show something like "PAYPAL*URBERY") and then send you back to our website where we finalize the transaction. Later they transfer the money to us. PayPal is a great option when you have any hesitation to trust a website, and there is no fee to you for this service. You can find out more about PayPal and get an account here: PayPal.ca.

+ Can I pay with cash?
Sorry, we don’t accept cash payments.

+ Should I tip my Grocery Guru?
Our Gurus are dedicated and hardworking, and we encourage tipping them. They keep 100% of the tips, whether you tip as part of your order or give a cash tip on delivery. At checkout there are tip buttons that you can click (you can click multiple buttons, and you can click a button more than once).

+ Can I be a Grocery Guru?
Yes! We are always looking for energetic, detail-oriented and food-centric people to join our team and help us grow! If you are interested in our mission and want to learn more about what we are looking for in our Grocery Gurus, go here for more info.

+ But I have more questions...
Please feel free to email our Customer Care team at care@urbery.com or write to us at Suite 3712, 88 Bloor Street East, Toronto, ON, M4W 3G9.



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