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Food Handling

At Urbery, we go to great lengths to ensure the food delivered to your door is of the freshest, highest quality possible. Grocery Gurus buy groceries from multiple stores including the big stores like Loblaw, Sobeys, Metro, etc*. and deliver it to the customers doorstep at a time convenient to them.  Our Grocery Gurus won’t settle for anything less than perfection - if they’re not satisfied with the quality of food in one store, they’ll visit other stores and keep looking until the ideal piece of produce or cut of meat is found.

Unlike competitors, who shop for customers all at once and leave food sitting in delivery vans all day, we shop individually for each customer right before their order is delivered. This ensures perishables such as meat and dairy spend as little as 1 hour in transit from the store to your home.

If you’re apprehensive about allowing someone else to choose your groceries, rest assured that each and every one of our Grocery Gurus takes great pride in the quality of the food they select for your order. Our Grocery Gurus receive comprehensive training in food selection, ensuring the food that gets delivered to you is as good as or better than what you would buy yourself.

*Urbery Inc. is not affiliated to these stores



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