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Grocery Guru Selection Process

We wouldn’t send just anybody to your front door. Before they can call themselves a Grocery Guru, our applicants go through a grueling interview process, criminal and driving background check, and a comprehensive food selection training program. Only the best of the best earn the privilege of joining our professional shopping team of Grocery Gurus.

When hiring our Grocery Gurus we look for two main qualities - a passion for food and a penchant for providing an exceptional customer experience. Many of our Grocery Gurus have prior experience in the grocery industry, personal shopping, or customer service. No matter what their background, each Grocery Guru goes through an expansive training program that ensures they have the knowledge and skills to select the best, freshest products for our customers before delivering their first order.

Our Grocery Gurus are smart, too. If something you ordered isn’t available, your Grocery Guru will call or text to offer you a selection of other options to choose from.

The best part is, our Grocery Gurus absolutely love grocery shopping! So go ahead, let them handle the tedious chore of grocery shopping while you sit back, relax and enjoy yourself!

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