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Tre Stelle Cheese Pecorino Romano Lupa (200g)

by: International Cheese

Romano Lupa is a traditional Italian cheese named after Rome itself, where it has been made for over two thousand years. It was made originally in the region of Latium and is one of the oldest Italian Cheeses. It has a delicious taste, obtained by maturing for a minimum of 90 days. It's solely produced with pure sheep's milk, lamb rennet, selected yeast and salt. Romano is a hard cheese with a natural colour of pale yellow. The texture of Romano Cheese is granular and the cheese grates well. Romano‰ۡóÁÌ_́ÌÎ_í?ÌÎÌ__Ì_?ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ__Ì_åÇÌÎÌ_?s flavour is very sharp, even stronger than Parmesan, as the cheese undergoes a long aging period.

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